der Alten Landesschule

Cooperation partners and supporters / patrons

Without the support of numerous people, institutions, associations and facilities, the work of the Geschichtswerkstatt would not be possible.

Our special thanks go to all the people involved and the supporters:

The ´Geschichtswerkstättler´ have found many friends and patrons. The Förderverein made money available for the acquisition of important publications. Dr. Völker-Janssen, director of Korbach´s Wolgang-Bonhage-Museum, took visitors personally through the museum, members of the municipal archive assisted and encouraged the group, the Infobüro of the City of Korbach provided the ´Geschichtswerkstättler´ with brochures, city maps, ball pens and sweets, the town hall of the county town Korbach helped with map and photo licences. The students also got access to insights of historic buildings that, before, not everybody had had the privilege to see.

Special thanks go to Mister Dejan Danz, who prepared the homepage. In painstaking detailed work and much enthusiasm he worked out a homepage taking all requests into consideration. Thank you!