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Wolfgang-Bonhage-MUSEUM KORBACH

Wolfgang-Bonhage-Museum Korbach Entrance from the church square (Photo: Stadt Korbach)

The Wolfgang-Bonhage-Museum of the district capital lies in the centre of the old hanseatic city between the gothic Kilian´s church and the middle age market place. In one of the four preserved stone warehouses from the 14th century a local museum was installed in 1924. It is a component of the Wolfgang-Bonhage-Museum since 1997 which has been awarded with many prices.

The museum harks back to a private antiquity collection from the 19th century. By means of foundations and acquisition the volume of the collection could be constantly extended.

Adjacent buildings were included. The architecturally unique museum (see below) connects different architectonic elements: a gothic stone house, historic half-timbered buildings and modern, well-lit architecture cabinets of glass. The museum´s new building traces back to a design of the architect Penkhues from Kassel.

Wolfgang-Bonhage-Museum Korbach
Bird´s eye view (Photo: Wolfgang-Bonhage-Museum)

Diversified exhibitions invite to an exciting discovery tour across the thousand years of city history, to the place of fossilize discovery "Korbacher Spalte" or to gold mining. Exhibits from Korbach´s churches permit to see behind the curtains of sacral art in Waldeck. Many rooms motivate visitors to try out things, listen or experiment.

A highlight of the museum tour is - surely not only for younger visitors - the 250 million years old fossilizes of theWolfgang-Bonhage-Museum Fossil "Korbacher Spalte", world wide a unique place of discovery. Highlight and attraction is a huge perm era diorama showing life-size replications of
Procynosuchids (see left), Scymnognathus and
Dicynodonts, ancestors of the saurians and mammals.

(Photo: Wolfgang-Bonhage-Museum)


The mining section that was set up in 1999 also receives a very positive response. It explains clearly and in a captivating way the gold extraction on the Eisenberg and in the waters of the region. Gold mining on the Eisenberg has been historically documented since the 13th century.

Alternating special exhibitions like, among others, the cross-regionally appreciated exhibition "Ihr Tod reisst nicht die geringste Lücke." related to NS-"euthanasia" expand the museum´s impressing repertoire in many ways. Dr. Wilhelm Völcker-Janssen has been its director since 1994.

Wolfgang-Bonhage-Museum Korbach Museum´s view from the Stechbahn. Behind the Waldeccia (victory statue) the former "Rangsche Scheune" and the gothic warehouse. Today both buildings are part of the museum.

Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday 10.30 - 12.30 p.m. and 14.00 - 17.00 p.m.
Sunday and holiday 10.30 - 17.00 p.m.
Entrance free for school classes!


© Jakob Gleumes/ M. Möller


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