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Jacob Wittgenstein
Jakob Wittgenstein
(Photo: Stadtarchiv Korbach)

The founder of the Jakob-Wittgenstein-Foundation was born on April 1st, 1819 in Korbach. His parents were Simson and Rebecca Wittgenstein. Jakob Wittgenstein was an observant Jew and prosperous merchant, last in Berlin. He died on April 3rd, 1890.

His only child died very early, so he appointed the City of Korbach as universal heir. Nevertheless the City of Korbach had to guarantee to use the heritage for a home for old and poor people.

The retirement home was built between 1892 and 1894 in the Enser Strasse. While the residents of the adjacent retirement home ("Hospital"), Enser Strasse 9, had to finance their place themselves, until 1923 people in need found free accommodation in the "Wittgenstein-Stiftung". However, in the twenties the foundation lost so much money that, due to the inflation, gratuitous assistance was cancelled. First the retirement home had about 20, after the Second World War up to 80 places.


During the Third Reich nothing should recall the Jewish donor. The house was renamed to "Städtisches Altersheim" (city retirement home). After the Second World War it was given back the original name.



In 1984 a move into a new retirement home at the Nordwall became necessary. Since then a clinic administration and a kindergarten are located in it. A memorial stone at the Jewish cemetery as well as a street with his name recall the city´s great donor.

© Dominik Lerch/ M. Möller


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