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City library

On the border between old and new town stands a stately patrician house. Originally, here stood the Neustädter Rathaus, also used as wedding house, which was first documented in 1595. In 1664, in the course of the large city smut, this house burnt down. At this place the chancellor of Waldeck Johann Vietor between 1664 and 1675 had built a stately residential baroque house.

Die Stadtbücherei

prince Josias von Waldeck bought the house.
In the 18th century another storey was built onto it.

In the Seven Years´ War
Herzog Ferdinand von Braunschweig lodged here.


In 1844 the house was bought by the Jewish cereal merchant Louis Lebach (therefore known as Lebach´s house among the older people in Korbach). After his death in 1928 the municipality acquired the object. From 1937 to 1977 the building was used as school (vocational, commercial and special school). After a costly sanitation the city library occupied the stately timber-framed house.

Today above the library is located the Neustädter Stein (new town stone), Die Stadtbücherei which served the citizens of the new town as pillory and vice stone. Since the union of old and new town in 1377 it has gone through an eventful history. In the thirties it was used as a socket for the Schlageterdenkmal (a statue), recogni- zable by a square dent in the middle of the stone.

© Florian Mitze/ Alexander Ruhl/ M. Möller



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