StandortEnser Straße 5

Diemel-Saxon farmhouse

A little repositioned, in the Enser Straße 5, is the only conserved four-column house Korbach´s located. Formerly people, cattle and storages were all placed under one roof. The three-storied timber frame house with its gable end pointing to the street was built by Otto Heinrich Schuhmacher and his wife Anna Elisabeth in 1732. The entrance hallway directly behind the gate served as workplace.

Diemelsächsisches Bauernhaus

In former times Korbach lay on Saxon ground (compare Sachsenhausen, Sachsenberg). This is still evident in the method of construction and the language. While in other parts of Waldeck many houses of this style are still conserved, in Korbach only this one is left.

In 1997 the original separating gate was replaced by a modern front door. It shows the inscription OTTO HEINRICH SCHUMACHER UND ANNA ELISABETH SINE EHELICHE HAUSFRAU HABEN GOTT VERTRAUT UND DIS HAUS GEBAUET IM JAHRE 1732 DEN NEUNDEN JUNIUS (Otto Heinrich Schumacher and Anna Elisabeth his wife have trusted in God and built this house in the year 1732 on the ninth of June). Before, in this place stood the house of the father Johann Conrad Schumacher, which was probably destroyed by the town smut in 1664, as it stood directly nearby the source of the fire.

Unfortunately, the gate became victim of modernization measures. (Photo: Hans Osterhold)

Until 1817 the house remained in possession of the Schumacher family, then the Brühmann family, in 1953 Heinrich Schreiber inherited it. In the course of the resettlement of inner city farming the farm was relocated to the Frankenberger Straße. In 1954, the house in the Enser Straße was taken over by the carter Rudolf Scholz. Today it exclusively serves as residential house.

© Sebastian Hessel/ Carl von Randow/ M. Möller


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