StandortBerndorfer Torplatz

Berndorfer Torplatz

The Berndorfer Torplatz received its name due to the double gate, which stood exactly where today is located the book shop "Schreiber".

Berndorfer Torplatz
Berndorfer Torplatz, 2010

Originally Korbach had five town gates. The Berndorfer Tor of Korbach´s new town con-nected the old town with the new town. From there the streets led to Berndorf, Lelbach, Flechtdorf, Marsberg and Paderborn.

In 1838 the gate was torn off, because time and again vehicles got stuck in it. In 1836 a horse and cart got stuck so badly, that it had to be freed with 12 strong horses. When in 1889 a post office and - in 1893 - the train station were placed in front of it, the square became more and more the centre of activities. In 1933 it was renamed Adolf-Hitler-Platz. Years later a round-about was set up. With the end of National Socialism the place got its original name back. Historically interesting is the type of architectonic construction: Many houses are built as a half-round.

Berndorfer Torplatz
(Photo: Stadtarchiv Korbach) Berndorfer Torplatz, 1956

In the seventies of the 20th century the place could not cope with the increasing traffic any longer. Flechtdorfer Straße, Bahnhofstraße, Arolser Landstraße, An der Kalkmauer, Prof.-Bier-Straße, Nordwall and Briloner Landstraße came together here. Traffic was closed on four streets. In the mid-seventies a pedestrian zone was placed. From 1978 to 1980 the place was completely rearranged.

Berndorfer Torplatz
Berndorfer Torplatz

In 1980 the so-called "Loch" (hole) was built - the low plain of Kor-bach. The pedestrian zone in the Bahnhofstraße was being connected with the Prof.-Bier-Straße via a pedestrian underpass. With the re-arrangement of the place Korbach received a new city centre.

© Ann-Kathrin Pohlmann /M. Möller


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